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'Ice Lake Rebels': Where's 911 when you need it? Nowhere if you don't pay taxes!

You're never so experienced you become invincible on Great Slave Lake!
You're never so experienced you become invincible on Great Slave Lake!
Animal Planet via Facebook

Tax-free living might come with some benefits like, well, not paying taxes. But, it comes with some sacrifices, as well, some of them not so obvious until you need something--for example, when you could use 911, you’re out of luck. That is when you hope that you have some really dependable neighbors, like this week when two men got lost out in the wilderness on Animal Planet’s “Ice Lake Rebels.”

It is probably easy to think that when someone has lived in an area for a long time, they know the lay of the land well enough that you don’t really have to worry if, for example, they take off to go fishing in negative-degree weather. But, the truth is, everyone, no matter how experienced they may be, has those moments of lapse or just pure accident, and next thing you know, that fishing trip becomes a death trap. That was the fear when Stephan and Bryan did not return from their fishing trip at their expected time. Things started off hopeful, but started getting worrisome after nightfall.

Getting wet is almost certain death in these arctic weather conditions. “We’re not talking about hours, we’re talking about minutes before you are gone,” one of the searchers explained emphatically. And, sometimes it can happen faster than you realize; a weak area of the ice or an area of overflow, and suddenly you are soaked--and hypothermic moments later.

Twenty-eight hours in, the searchers saw a light--and that light was Stephan and Bryan. What happened? A mix-up with the gas--diesel instead of regular gasoline. Next thing you know, the one snow machine they were riding was sputtering and stopped on them, leaving them stranded and cold. They did not have food, but fortunately they were able to make a fire, which is what kept them alive in the harsh conditions.

“Ice Lake Rebels” airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10/9c.