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Ice cream truck at wedding

Ice cream bar
Ice cream bar
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Planning a summer wedding? How about having an ice cream bar at your wedding better yet what about an Ice cream truck? Brides to be did you know that DC Ben and Jerry’s offers ice cream catering. Some brides to be have decided to no longer have wedding cakes but instead have some type of creative dessert bar such as an Ice cream sundae bar. Here are three reasons to have an Ice cream bar. Your guest will love to cool off on a hot summers day with a cool treat, every one loves Ice cream, start a different wedding trend. This ice cream bar is unlike an other you can have an all you can eat ice cream sundae bar which would be perfect for a hot summer wedding.

An ice cream dessert bar is a real treat for a bride and groom that are true ice cream lovers. Ben and Jerry’s have amazing flavors of ice cream that we all love. The cow mobile is equipped with scooping trailer that serves cones, cups and all your ice cream favorites to make your wedding ice cream bar one to remember.

This is a much better dessert idea if the bride and groom are not cake lovers and many want to have a dessert that both of the enjoy. You are starting to see many new brides to be serve ice cream instead of cake. If you are a bride to be or a groom that may want both you can always order a wedding cake ice cream cake.

Besides, it is your day and all about what you both enjoy and I am sure that your guests would agree that ice cream is always a favorite that everyone will love no matter what time of year it is always in season. Happy planning!

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