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Ice Cream so rich the fashion crowd is indulging...

Christian Siriano and Chef Carmellini
Christian Siriano and Chef Carmellini
courtesy Magnum

There are three food groups which will generally remain untouched at a fashion event: carbs - bagels and pastries will grow stale becoming only fit for the birds at an early morning breakfast event; chocolate; and ice cream...until Christian Siriano signaled "okay" with his first dessert collaboration with James Beard award-winning chef Andrew Carmellini. The duo collaborated on a Magnum ice cream treat, "America's Most Fashionable Chocolate Dessert", with the brand's signature Belgian dark and milk chocolate ice cream. Think of everything you know about Siriano - fun and colorful - and picture it on a dessert. The dessert is developed by Chef Carmillini and inspired by the Christian Siriano collection making it the current sweet-of-the-moment.

"America's Most Fashionable Chocolate Dessert" is easy to arrange for your next event. The mood of your event will be sweet and fruity as you serve the following recipe: Magnum chocolate ice cream bar garnished with tropical fruits - coconut, pickled pineapples, lime and bruleed champagne mango; drizzled in a lattice design to mimic the current lace, print, and texture trend in fashion; then topped with an edible flower in Pantone's color of the season - radiant orchid. "I was inspired by a trip to Isla Mujeres, an island off the coast of Cancun", describes Siriano, which prompted the fruit and color combination of the dessert.

So while the fashion crowd loosens its weekly caloric belt with Siriano's nod to ice cream, another fashionably smooth ice cream is worth the weight watching bend. Roman Nose, an authentic Italian kitchen in Jersey City, offers a homemade lemon and olive oil ice cream so smooth and rich it is becoming the number one destination for a cold treat. Lemon and olive oil may cause some hesitation but the combination is a delightful flavor and one of summer 2014's guilty pleasures. Roman Nose is located at 125 Newark Avenue, just outside the Grove Street PATH station.