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Ice Cream: German shepherd no one has come to rescue at NY high kill shelter

Ice Cream is a beautiful female black and brown German shepherd estimated to be no more than four-years old. Brought in as a stray on July 9, she is showing signs of kennel cough; an upper respiratory infection which affects many shelter dogs.

Emergency rescue needed for German shepherd at high kill shelter
Urgent Dogs of New York City/ NYC AC&C

Her profile shows this dog to be nearly perfect. A volunteer who interacted with this dog states:

"Ice Cream is welcoming in her kennel and is leashed promptly. She walks well on the leash, sits on command and is not bothered by my camera. She is friendly, sociable with me or other people coming to say hello. She takes treats gently from my hand and clearly likes to be caressed and talked to. Ice Cream is comfortable around humans, no doubt about it and she would make the perfect pet if she can learn to be more comfortable with other dogs."

Could this dog have been someone's guard dog at one time? Her evaluation shows Ice Cream does not get along with other dogs; she growled and barked, and it was difficult to distract her.

During Ice Cream's shelter evaluation at Manhattan's division of the New York City Animal Care and Control, the dog's assessment with humans was positive, however because of her reaction with other dogs, assessors have labeled her "New Hope" only. In the ideal situation, Ice Cream should be the only dog and needs someone who can work with her on her canine interaction social skills.

Time is of the essence for Ice Cream. She is in danger of being euthanized on Wednesday if a rescue organization can not be found in time.

Please share Ice Cream's emergency plight with family, friends and coworkers. Help this beautiful dog have a second chance. Her life is in danger.

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Please refer to A1006107 when inquiring about this dog. For more information about the New York City Animal Care and Control, please read the following:

If you are local to the tri-state, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are serious about adopting or fostering Ice Cream, please read the MUST READ section for instructions, or email

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