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Ice cream, chocolate, and catnip


You don't have to be a foodie to enjoy taste testing new creations. Mass Innovations food themed night gave many the opportunity to do just that.

Batch Ice Cream Container

Bostonians love their ice cream and Batch is looking to capitalize on that love with ice cream made using local and Fair Trade ingredients. The ice cream is also made from scratch and the ingredients are all natural. This means no stabilizers, no artifical coloring or flavors, and no gums. It also means that the "freezer life" of a pint of batch is only 90 days. But trust me when I tell you that you'll never have a pint that long.

On Wednesaday they were giving out samples of cinnamon & chocolate bits ice cream - delish! In my house this pint would be lucky to last more than a day. South Ender's are in luck as Batch is available in three locations. Other Bostonians may have to travel a bit to find it, but its well worth the trip. Check out their web site to find out where you can get Batch.

For some, ice cream and chocolate go hand-in-hand. The Boston Chocolate School can teach you how to make delicious chocolate to go with your ice cream, or eat on its own. Their two and a half hour workshops take place in downtown Boston on Saturday afternoon. You will learn how to make truffles and molded chocolates, how to make fillings for your chocolates and how to decorate them. The Boston Chocolate School is offered by Boston Chocolate Tours. So should you prefer to buy your chocolate rather than make it, taking a chocolate tour will introduce you to some of the best places in town to purchase delicious chocolates.

It seems that no food gathering is complete without something for our pets. at the First Food Truck Festival it was dog biscuits. At Mass Innovation it was Catnip Cards. These are greeting cards with catnip embedded in the paper. For cats that enjoy a little catnip now and then, these are a real treat. Don't have a cat but know someone who does? Consider sending a catnip birthday greeting. What a great way for the cat to celebrate another year of life.

Photo Sources: Batch Pint courtesy of Batch; Chocolate Truffle/Flickr

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