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Ice Cream Bread - a foodie friend experiment - 2 ingredients. Try it today.

A month ago I asked my foodie friends from Minnesota and South Dakota to select their favorite ice cream and experiment making bread out of it. My neighbor, Shirley, gave me the recipe, plus some bread to try and thought it would be fun to ask my friends to try it, too! I got some great responses.

A little background on Ice Cream Bread:

Here is the recipe - the standard is vanilla - we know it works with that and I'd say Breyer's is the best for it. Texture of bread is not light but it's not really heavy like you'd expect with scones or biscuits. Would your favorite flavor work?


2 c ice cream (No low - fat - needs full cream)
1 1/2 c SELF RISING flour (not all purpose)

Soften ice to almost room temp. Stir in flour till thoroughly mixed. Place in med. size greased loaf pan. Bake at 350 for 40 - 45 minutes. This only has 520 calories per loaf - pretty decent!

Feedback from Foodie Friends:

P.H. used Chocolate with a little Vanilla
I am trying vanilla chocolate. We had some melting chocolate ice cream so a little extra vanilla and your recipe hopefully will work the perfect match tonight. I did not have self rising flour so I made my own 1cup all purpose flour 1 1/4 tsp baking powder and 1/8 tsp salt. Success, it was not a huge loaf, but it's good. Thumbs up from 2 of my boys! I'll be trying it gluten free next time (article to be published on her gluten free results)

S.H. used Pumpkin Pie Flavor
I gave the recipe a try tonight. Took advantage of a limited edition, seasonal flavor, Pumpkin Pie ice cream. It turned out pretty well. Slightly sweet with a hint of pumpkin and pie spices. Although a foodie, I am not really one who bakes but that recipe is pretty painless. It was a bit crumbly. The texture lies somewhere between a biscuit and cornbread.

J.R. tried Dairy Queen Chocolate
I went to Dairy Queen and picked up some Chocolate ice cream. I used 2 cups for the recipe, not sure where the rest went ;)

I added a tablespoon of cocoa powder to the flour, mixed well, and then added the ice cream. I tasted the batter and it reminded me of the flavor of fine sawdust. I then added a heaping tablespoon of sugar and it tasted closer to what I thought it should taste like. I may have overmixed it a bit as the dough was a bit stiff. Anyway, I baked it in a bread pan and got a similar shaped loaf to the "test loaf" that I made.

It was much more moist than the first loaf. The crust was thicker and harder also. I'm not sure if the overmixing, the extra sugar or the dark loaf pan made it that way. The crumb was closer to bread than the bisquick texture of the first loaf. The cocoa flavor was subtle, but still noticeable. The bread really wasn't very sweet, however. It was a good flavor that could be modified to suit your personal tastes. It may also make a good base for perhaps chocolate chip bread or something similar.

J.R. also tried Vanilla
I bought some vanilla ice cream and tried the original recipe as a "baseline." Not bad. The consistency reminds me of a moist Bisquick roll.

E.H. used Mint Chocolate Chip and another loaf of Apple Pie

Mint Choco Chip and another of Apply Pie were not well received in this house. Tasted doughy and a little medicinal. I wouldn't really call it a cake, much less even a bread. Not moist enough. More of a giant loaf shaped biscuit. (E.H. also sent me a note explaining how awful it truly was – so, take heed, don’t try this with these flavors!!!)

S.B. tried Vanilla Creme and Caribou Coffee
Vanilla Creme (Kemps) - which turned out to be a biscuit-like texture perfect for breakfast and a Caribou Coffee flavor (not so good). The Vanilla Creme was puffier than the Caribou.



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