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Ice Cream - 2014's new "It Food"

Look out for ice cream creations like you've never seen them before.
Look out for ice cream creations like you've never seen them before.

Every year or so, a new “it” food tends to surface and take the country by (silent) storm. Food trucks gained tremendous popularity once their owners started to sell less traditional food-truck food. Then the big wave of frozen-yogurt shops like Red Mango, 16 Handles, Pinkberry and any other alternative shop selling top-it-yourself frozen yogurt started to crop up. (Almost simultaneously, we saw the rise of make-it-yourself burrito shops such as Chipotle, Moe’s and Cabo Fresh popping up all over). So…what’s next?

Dessert lovers all over should be happy to know that this year’s newest “it” food is ice cream. Now, we’re not talking about just any ice cream, but the sudden presence of the most decadent flavors and ice cream creations you only used to be able to dream of. Ice cream chains such as Cold Stone Creamery and Baskin-Robins did in fact see million dollar sales drop, as well as store closings between 2009 and 2011. Today, ice cream shops and manufacturers are trying harder than ever to roll out newer, more innovative techniques and flavors to ice cream connoisseurs and dessert lovers alike.

What exactly does this mean? Let’s just say this heavenly spike of ice cream creations really started to take off when Ben & Jerry’s released their new line of Core ice cream pints earlier this year, which was nothing short of a godsend for anyone who appreciated ice cream. The Cores (as they are called) each include a mouth-watering nucleus of fudge, caramel or real raspberry jam running from top to bottom of every tub, perfectly complementing the ice cream and toppings packed into each pint. Cores solved the issue of unevenly dispersed or not enough toppings in an ice cream container. This was then followed up by the Häagen-Dazs line of Gelato Indulgences, attracting eaters with their seductive, Italianate advertisements.

Ice cream shops then took it to the next level by getting creative with their flavors. In these shops, you only used to be able to get one (or maybe two) toppings mixed into the scooped ice cream. Traditional flavors such as chocolate chip, “cookies ’n cream” and pistachio have been upstaged by even more sweet and savory creations. Salted caramel and Nutella are now staples in many ice creameries, along with newer flavors, such as beer and pretzel ice cream, honey jalapeno pickle, and even creamed cod ice cream. Ice cream creators are really letting their minds go to work in their mission to come up with never before seen (and tasted) flavors.

New York City seems to be leading the craze, having witnessed some of the most innovative ice cream concoctions thus far. Creations such as gelato on a stick, Rice Krispy ice cream bars, and even boozy ice cream treats such as frozen piña coladas and frozen gin and juice haven taken Manhattan by storm – and just in time for summer! New York City-based ice cream shop Holey Cream is serving up mouthwatering delicacies, examples of which are ice cream sandwiches served inside of warm, doughy doughnuts that are glazed, topped, and filled with whatever you want. What more could you ask for?

But what if you don’t appreciate ice cream? Let’s just say that’s a really unfortunate situation you are in! But if you can’t get enough of the decadent, creamy treats, then you will without a doubt spend this summer (and perhaps the rest of the year) on “cloud 9.” Think you have the next “it” food idea? Have you ever considered training to be a professional chef? Consider starting your career with Star Career Academy. Who knows? You might release the next viral food trend upon the world.