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Ice cream changes colors when you lick it

Remember when, if you wanted your ice cream to change colors, you had to swirl it together as it melted? Well, those days are over. As Fox News reported July 31, there's a new ice cream on the market invented by a Spanish scientist and all you have to do is lick it to get it to change colors.

The ice cream responds to variations in temperature and to different levels of acidity found in saliva, according to

And best yet, according to its developer, physicist Manuel Linares, the ice cream is all natural. That includes the special ingredient, called the "love elixir," that must be applied to the product to help accentuate the color change.

To get to the end product of a color-changing ice cream, Linares pursued what he has described as a "Masters Diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream." He was intrigued and inspired by the color-altering ice under fluorescent lights that had been created by Charlie Francis, so he decided to devise a way to create a type of ice cream that would change color. He figured that he would use two triggers: temperature changes and acids found in the mouth.

In fact, the idea was simple, according to Linares. "Any food will change color if it changes temperature, you encapsulate it or it oxidizes," Linares told Spanish foodie website Cocinatis.

Linares and some friends got together and worked on the project in a laboratory built from the physicist's own funds.

The ice cream itself, named Xamaleon (for Chameleon), has three different hues. It starts out as a periwinkle, then progresses to pink, then on to purple. It's flavor -- sort of like "tutti frutti."

Manuel Linares has his own ice cream shop in the small coastal town of Blanes, Spain. It is called IceXperience.

So what's the next project? He plans to work on a flavor that incorporates medicinal plants and has an aphrodisiac effect.

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