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2014 Winter Olympics

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Ice bath at Sochi? Nick Goepper tweets naked photo at Olympics

Nick Goepper shares his ice bath with fans
Nick Goepper/Twitter

The Olympic athletes for the 2014 Sochi Olympics are in Russia and many are getting ready for the competition by practicing. Of course that means a little ice on and off the slopes. On Monday Nick Goepper showed the not-so-glamorous side of the Olympics. Yep, it was a moment soaking in an ice bath. Joking he was naked (and he could have been, but all fans saw was his legs,) there were little ice cubes floating in the tub.

“Ohhhhhh yeah that's nice. #bath #suds #candles #music #nude,” tweeted Nick Goepper from his official Twitter account on Monday. The skier obviously had to use the tub for his ice bath.

Why do athletes take ice baths? According to the New York Times, athletes have been using ice baths for years and it is done after training. The process reduces inflammation, speeds up recovery and prevents too much soreness after working out. Since Olympic athletes are always practicing their sport, the need for an ice bath is far greater than other events.

So while it might look like Nick Goepper is just hanging out in the tub, he is actually giving his body a chance to quickly recover after a day of practice. Hoping to be ready before the Olympics, it wouldn't be surprising if every athlete was looking for ice at the Olympics to help their muscles after working out.

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