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Ice balls wash ashore on Lake Michigan: Eerie look of huge creature egg deposit

Ice balls have washed ashore at Lake Michigan leaving the shoreline an eerie sight to see. These beach ball-size balls of ice look like some type of dinosaur eggs coming in off the waves by the thousands.

Iceballs look like dinosaur eggs lining the shore of Lake Michigan.
YouTube screen shot

According to Monroe News on Jan 10, these rounded chunks of ice are coming in at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The balls are almost perfectly rounded and all of the ice balls are about the same size. It looks like some unknown creature left their eggs along Lake Michigan’s shore.

Annie Lipscomb, a Sleeping Bear Dunes Park ranger, said that these ice balls start off as broken pieces of ice from the frozen lake. They are picked up by the waves and tumbled around in the water until they wash ashore.

It is a similar way to how stones are shaped in the ocean. The waves not only “tumble and pummel” the ice into balls, but the same wave action works to smooth out their edges to make them look like a perfect extra-large snow ball, only these are made of solid ice. Some are calling them ice boulders because of there size.

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