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IBM Scientists help establish new speed record for big data

Is your Internet speed too slow? Well, there might be good news for you in the near future.

This week, IBM announced that its scientists have set a new speed record for big data that could very well enhance Internet speeds to 200 to 400 gigabits per second, even at very low power. The improvement in speed originates from a technological device that can be used to boost big data transfers between clouds and data centers four times faster than the technology utilized today.

Presented at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco, California, the laboratory prototype indicates that at this speed a 160 gigabyte ultra-high definition movie or 40,000 songs could be downloaded in only a few seconds rather than two hours.

A previous version of the groundbreaking technology has been licensed to Semtech, a company that supplies analog and mixed-signal semiconductors. Right now, the technology is being developed for its own catalog of products.

According to RTT News, the purpose of the research is to assist in the initiative to combat the immense demands of today’s global data traffic. The technology is also being used to help produce advanced communications platforms that are scheduled to be announced sometime later this year.

“As Big Data and internet traffic continues to grow exponentially, future networking standards have to support higher data rates," said the IBM researchers, who have been working with professionals at the Swiss research institution Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), according to The Inquirer.

“To support the increase in traffic, ultra-fast and energy efficient analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) technology [will] enable complex digital equalisation across long-distance fibre channels. For example, scientists will use hundreds of thousands of ADCs to convert the analogue radio signals that originate from the Big Bang 13 billion years ago to digital.”

Dr. Martin Schmatz, Systems department manager at IBM Research stated in his prepared remarks that “our ADC supports IEEE standards for data communication and brings together speed and energy efficiency at 32 nanometers enabling us to start tackling the largest Big Data applications.”

Big data is a term that describes the collection of large and complex data sets. A large number of companies have been substantially growing their structured and unstructured data. Private firms that offer big data solutions and technology to various government agencies, businesses and online companies, such as DealPly and Amazon, say it’s the best strategic investment currently available on the market today.

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