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IBM accidently creates hybrid polymer that will revolutionize industries

On the morning of May 15th, the IBM Laboratories team in San Jose, California mentioned that they have discovered – by accident – an industry redefining plastic mixture that is not only considerably stronger than modern plastics, but also recyclable and SELF-HEALING. This brand new synthetic polymer, codenamed “Titan”, was initially discovered by IBM chemist Jeannette Garcia, who mistakenly missed a step when recently mixing three synthetic materials. The end result was material that is chemically resilient, lighter than plastics, stronger than bone, and completely recyclable.

Jeanette Garcia/"Titan" hybrid polymer

The stunning thing about this is the substances ability to be completely broken down and reused like new. Unlike the modern day plastic polymers on your phones, your tablets, consoles, PC’s, and the million other devices that utilize common thermosetting plastics, the “Titan” polymer can be repeatedly melted down, reused, and retain all of its properties without waste as shown in the video.

So what does this mean for the consumer? Quite a bit, to say the least. This new hybrid plastic “Titan”, now technically classed as polyhexahydrotriazine or “PHT”, will eventually be used to replace modern plastics on the majority of devices that you use every day. This, in turn, will make a plethora of current plastics in your everyday items not only stronger and slightly lighter, but considerably cheaper and much easier to recycle in the long run.

For more info on this new “Titan/Hydro” polymers, check out for much more details about IBM’s ongoing research.

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