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IB Pier lasts into first hot Summer

Nailed down to the Imperial Beach Pier by thousands of spikes, the new wooden planks board the deck beach visitors step out onto off Evergreen Street at Seacoast Drive. Out 1,500 feet into the ocean.

Busy long IB weekend. Out near the IB pier cafe at pier end. Walkers tread on new boards. Friday, July 18, 2014.
Adam Benjamin
Imperial Beach visitors walk out onto the newly built pier boardwalk.
Adam Benjamin

The natural boardwalk workers finished laying in during late May, broke in during another day of Summer Friday afternoon, the 18th, under the footsteps of an unusually large crowd. Just over the sand, in past the swells and waves, a sign posted on the pier's northside told visitors the weekend plans at the beach. Sandcastle building during the Imperial Beach Sun Festival.

Food stands set up at the foot of Evergreen Street, before the start of the boardwalk, offered festival visitors their mouthfuls. A small crowd stood on the sand, nearby, and watched a sandcastle builder mark out the front look on a sandcastle.

Steady on the strengthened pier, local fishermen put bait on the hooks, and, cast out over the newly built rail. Plenty of fishing spots stayed open on the new boards on the pier. Summer heat was good weather for strung out lines of fishermen, on both sides.

A long day on the deck did not bend the pier.

The boards lashed to the pier frame on its posts by joined crossboards, bolted together undeneath, kept the pier straight all along the 1,500 foot olength, out past the guard tower, to the end the cafe covered its slanty edged deck. Views off the boardwalk round at the pier end stayed safe.

On the pier high land, above the deep water, a lifeguard four wheeler stayed parked on the tight deck. Diners, in the open air and wind, on chairs at tables in front of the cafe, comfortably watched the walkers take their pier trips to the end, and back.

Weathered boards too old to keep on the mainstay Imperial Beach landmark left their stays. Every piece of wood stays fit to guarantee safe passage only until its time in the wet sun, and salt, rots it out.

The new wooden pier cover will make its own history. Marked by the footprints made by the careful stroller, and, the adventerous fishermen. Built plainly sound. The hundreds of 250 pound lengthy boards layed together, one by one, to stand under walkers the far distance out from the Imperial Beach shore.

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