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Ian Ward may lure Meredith Baxter to 'The Young and the Restless'

Baxter famously portrayed Elyse Keaton on NBC's Family Ties in the 1980s.
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

'Nikki Newman' (Melody Thomas Scott) won this legal battle. But, her throwback foil 'Ian Ward' (Ray Wise) might still win their deeply personal war on 'The Young and the Restless'. Incorporate the pending arrival of Meredith Baxter into this daytime picture and future storyline directions may be seen.

'Ian's' lawsuit wasn't long, or drawn out. In a short period of time, even by soap opera standards, he filed suit, had his case heard and subsequently lost. Plenty of uncomfortable information was offered inside the courtroom about all involved. However, his concocted scheme was struck down by a judge who didn't look favorably on either side of the courtroom.

The idea that 'Nikki' intentionally tried to deceive her former cult leader about the paternity of her son 'Dylan McAvoy' (Steve Burton) was absurd. Yet, 'Ian' believed that his latest ploy for money would yield a second bounty. Hardcore viewers recall that he nearly blackmailed 'Nikki' for a million-plus dollars just a short while ago.

Ever-ready to launch another foray, 'Ian' informed 'Mitchell Sherman's' (William Wintersole) son 'David' (Robert Gant) this week that there's still another card to be played. Apparently, it's one that the Newman family won't be prepared for. Of course, that begs the question: What, or who, could that be?

'Mariah Copeland' (Camryn Grimes) remains connected to 'Ward' for reasons that aren't perfectly clear. Previews also show that she's about to reestablish contact with her mother, who was supposed to be dead.

Combine the above information with the fact that 'Ian' wants 'Cassie's' clone (or some type of biological relation) to remain close to 'Sharon Newman' (Sharon Case) and one wonders if 'Mariah' is willingly, or even unknowingly, part of the debunked commune leader's latest purloined path? Possibly, that's how Baxter (famous for portraying 'Elyse Keaton' on NBC's 'Family Ties' in the 1980s), will be lured into the picture.

Life is a game for some despicable residents of Genoa City. Considering that there's more sizzle left in YR's summer, it's far to speculate that 'Ward' will now move his next mental chess pieces into place in preparation for multiple fall attacks on 'Victor Newman's' (Eric Braeden) Queen. As for Wise, he nails 'Ward' every time his character's craven smile is seen.

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