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Ian Somerhalder supports dog rescuer Greg Mahle

Rescue Road Trips surround big truck.
Rescue Road Trips surround big truck.
Rescue Road Trips, LLC

“Vampire Diaries” shocked the world with the death of Ian Somerhalder’s character, Damon. But fans aren’t shocked by the happy tweet sent out by Ian in the wee hours of May 29, according to Ecorazzi. Somerhalder, animal rights activist, eco-friendly philanthropist, and all around good guy reached out to Greg Mahle, calling him his hero.

“HOLY S!!T! WATCH THIS VIDEO! This man, his family & volunteers are MY HEROS! How SELFLESS! Happy stuff – watch :)”

Back in April, the Today Show did an early morning feature on Mahle. The story was later picked up by video sharing site, and that is how it landed into the hands of “Vampire Diaries” and animal activist, Somerhalder. With almost 5 million followers on his personal Twitter account, and almost 175,000 on the Ian Somerhalder Foundation account, someone is bound to take notice of Greg’s selfless efforts.

Ohio resident, Greg Mahle, takes a 4,200 mile drive every other week, leaving his family behind. His travels take him to Louisiana, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and New England territories consisting of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Mahle isn’t out seeing the sites. Instead, Greg is meeting with a host of volunteers to rescue unwanted dogs who otherwise might not make it.

This is not a new tip for Greg. He’s selflessly been driving this route for nearly ten years. He’s traveled more than a million miles, relied on countless volunteers, all for the greater good of finding a loving animal just as equally a loving owner. There are some days you can see those miles wearing on his face. “It’s OK. It’s all good,” Mahle mumbles in response. There’s something inside that pushes Greg to be a dog savior. Mahle has created his own little world, but he seems happy in it.

Mahle doesn’t charge much for his services. Sometimes he charges nothing at all. There are times when his bills don’t get paid, or if they do, there is little money left over for anything else. To the Mahle family, money doesn’t seem to matter. Perhaps with the love and interaction from Ian Somerhalder and his fans, this struggling could be a thing of the past. With more knowledge of Greg’s humanitarian efforts, others will rally to support his cause.

Mahle provides low to no cost transpiration services to dogs in need of a home and those who have already found a home. In the video we are introduced to a little girl named Lylia who found their dog Nigel online. Without Mahle, Lylia would not have been able to receive the dog of her dreams because he was located down south.

At present time Greg’s Twitter is not active. Perhaps more followers is just what he needs to see Ian’s tweet and welcome a following of animal lovers set forth to help is efforts with Rescue Road Trips, LLC. Mahle is also on LinkedIn and Facebook. For more information, check out the Rescue Road Trips, LLC website.

Was that a good thing Ian Somerhalder did, sending out that tweet? Or, will Mahle get bombarded with too many requests? Good or bad, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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