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Ian Somerhalder: Nikki Reed has moved in already

Ian Somerhalder
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Reports have been out for a while that Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are now dating. On Saturday, People shared that it is obvious that these two are getting really serious. They have been spotted out together more than once and now things are going great between them.

On Friday night, they were spotted out having dinner together in public. They did show up on their own, but sat together during the meal. He even shared a photo on Instagram of a horse that he made it sound like they are parenting together. It looks like things are serious.

New York Daily News shared that they have actually moved in together in Atlanta. That is a really big step for this couple. Reports are that they were only dating for three weeks when they made this step. She took things pretty fast with her ex-husband Paul McDonald as well so that is not surprising. They are divorcing, but are still making music together and say that they are friends.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder started dating in July. They are in Atlanta where he is filming "The Vampire Diaries" and reports are that she is actually showing up on the set to watch him film. A source even said that they have plans to have a home in LA together as well.

It looks like this relationship is going great. Ian Somerhalder split with Nina Dobrev about a year ago. Fans are happy to see him moving on and finding love again after this big split.

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