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Ian Somerhalder is back in character as Damon

Ian Somerhalder brings promising news to Vampire Diaries fans. In a pic from his Instagram account, Ian’s character Damon is depicted with fangs very obvious in his mouth and a bloody beard thickly dripping down his chin staining the top of his white tee shirt.

Ian Somerhalder poses at Creative Arts Emmys 8/16/14
Ian Somerhalder poses at Creative Arts Emmys 8/16/14 Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Ian Somerhalder poses at Creative Arts Emmys 8/16/14
Ian Somerhalder poses at Creative Arts Emmys 8/16/14Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a plot twist to top all plot twists in the Season Five finale Damon sacrifices himself to the ‘Other Side’ just as it disintegrates not being able to come back as his friends were able to do. He and Bonnie hold hands and a white light appears sending them into oblivion (?)

This sent a shock wave of grief throughout the Vampire Diaries fandom as Ian Somerhalder’s Damon is one of the beloved characters, even though a great deal of his actions have to do with other people’s death.

Why is all this gore good news? It gives fans a glimmer of hope that maybe; just maybe he’ll be back to his usual hijinks as the Damon we are used to. Maybe Elena will somehow be reunited with him and they can live their undead lives in bliss- but this is Mystic Falls and no one is happy for long.

How did Damon get to the point that he felt self sacrifice was necessary? Those witchy misfits the Travelers are tying to rid Mystic Falls of all magic and supernatural s by using the blood of dopplegangers Stefen and Elena. Meanwhile the’ Other Side’ is imploding and Bonnie .Alaric, Bonnie’s Gram, Tyler, Stefan and Lexi are over there and will be sent into oblivion never to be heard from again. In order to stop the Travelers from finishing their chant that will finish off the ‘Other Side’ Damon (accompanied by a stubborn Elena) runs his car into the Mystic Grille which bursts into flames from the gas leak that Matt and Jeremy set under the restaurant. Before the ‘Other Side’ is no more Bonnie must usher back all their loved ones- Damon does not make it back in time and Bonnie is not coming back-the last scene showing the two of them go into a white light.

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