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Ian Somerhalder honored by Heifer International's Beyond Hunger

Ian Somerhalder was honored August 22 at Heifer International's 'Beyond Hunger:A Place at the Table' Gala. Ian was presented with Heifer's Noble Globe along with Diane Lane, Tim Collucchio,Lori Silverbush and Anne Griffiths. The trophy is given to'supporters of Heifer International who act as citizens of the world, seeking to bring dignity and hope to others.'

Ian Somerhalder befriends llamas on Heifer International's green carpet 8/22/14
Ian Somerhalder befriends llamas on Heifer International's green carpet 8/22/14
Photo by Michael Buckner
Ian Somerhalder receives the Noble Globe 8/22/2014
Photo by Michael Buckner

It must have been quite the night with Bryn Mosher of RYOT News who is also Ian's cosmic'bro' doing the honors of introducing him, paying tribute and also presenting the award. In gratitude Ian humbly remarked later on Twitter 'What. An. Honor. Thank you so much for this award and including me in such an amazing organization doing so much for people around the world . Pierre, Bryn-let's change the world with all of these amazing people!!! So grateful.- LOVE YOU GUYS.

The speaker of the evening was Ann Rose who was a recipient of Heifer International's assistance and has become quite influential in farming and area foods in North Carolina. Actress Diane Lane spoke of her visit to see Heifer's work in Rwanda and Guatemala..

The Gala's main objective is the empowerment of women. Heifer International states that women grow 80% of the food but can only own 10% of the land.and their goal is to educate and enable women to be self-sufficient by working, sending their kids to school and paying their own medical bills.

Heifer International celebrates it's seventieth birthday this year having aided more than 20.7 million families since its inauguration in 1944. Participants in the program learn how to farm sustainably, raise their animal and pay their household expenses. In return Heifer expects that recipients 'pass the gift ' -the first born female animal is given to another person in the community thus helping everyone.

Looks like Ian is helping to change the world in a completely different way. What a guy.

Thanks to and a-place-at-the-table-httml for the information