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Ian Somerhalder goes to Washington DC

According to Just Jared, Ian Somerhalder has all ready arrived in Washington DC. He will speak to Congress on behalf of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation tomorrow on the subject of animal conservation. He tweeted recently ‘Wow My Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives Sub Committee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs. Regarding the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to Implement a ban on the Commercial Trade in Elephant Ivory and the Consequences of that Policy. I will do my absolute best-you’ll be there with me in that room on Capitol Hill. You give me so much strength, you inspire me to do more and notsleep and forge into the future with me.’

Ian Somerhalder at the Paley Center for Lost 10 Anniversary 3/16/2014
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Ian Somerhalder at Paley Center for Lost 10 Anniversary 3/16/14
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ian has been tweeting up a storm about poaching (which is illegal) elephants and killing them for their ivory tusks. One of the most tragic incidents this month was the slaying of Kenya’s Satao- a forty five year old elephant whose tusks t had grown so long that they touched the ground. He was an adored national park treasure that died only because he ventured too close to poachers as he searched for water. The poachers killed him using tainted arrows and it is a sad picture without his glorious tusks

Thirty thousand elephants have been slaughtered annually currently for the profitable ivory business. Each of the tusks brings in thousands of dollars. It is virtually unregulated as ivory can be sold via the internet and at auctions. It is time that we do something about this senseless slaughter of these magnificent creatures.

Ian’s testimony is scheduled between 2-4:30 ( EST) tomorrow and he hopes to find a way to (let us) listen in. You may stay tuned on Twitter for the latest information. This is indeed a proud occasion for his fans and his Ian Somerhalder Foundation family.

Thanks to http://Twitter/iansomerhalder, and for the information.

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