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Ian Somerhalder childhood dream came true

Ian Somerhalder is having the time of his life by being ‘constantly surrounded by love, puppies, geniuses and (bleep). Can it get any better ???’

Revelers at wet Mardi Gras in New Orleans 34/14
Revelers at wet Mardi Gras in New Orleans 34/14
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images
Ian Somerhalder onstage at the TCA Winter Tour 1/16/2014
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This is especially exciting because a lifelong dream came true. On March 9, he was ‘leading the pack’ as the Celebrity Monarch in his childhood stomping grounds of Mandeville, Louisiana. He told ‘This is where I used to hang out –I mean totally right here. This is where I rode my bike and skateboard, and it was incredible.’

One thing that was consistent during the parade beside the dogs was his happiness (according to I feel this connection with people that I don’t even know…you’re just doing this thing together and it’s so specific, and so rare… You know what I mean?’

‘Celebration of our four-legged creature friends that really enhance our lives – they’re far more cooler then we are and we need to protect them and love them just like they do us.’ Pooch Cher was there with pearls draped around her neck and a black feather atop her head. Another doggone float carried the inscription ‘Katrina, the Wicked Witch of the South’. Others had boas and plumes in technicolor and intricate hats and sunglasses. Some dogs just came as themselves.

Because Ian led the parade it was the largest ever with 22,000 people in attendance and 400 dogs. He was chaperoned by the Pussyfooters-a dance group of sorts which numbers 100 all over the age of thirty. They were dressed in Mardi Gras worthy attire consisting of white Doc Martins, pink fishnets and white corsets. According to a Mandeville resident ‘they are on earth to raise the consciousness of all women everywhere-to work to support and empower women globally and locally.’

Sounds like the perfect combination.

Thanks,, ssf/2014/03/pussyfooters//personify for their articles and quotes.

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