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IAmDynamite releases "Supermegafantastic" September 13

"Supermegafantastic"- IAmDynamite
"Supermegafantastic"- IAmDynamite

“Supermegafantastic” may be a title, but it’s also a perfectly fitting description of duo, IAmDynamite’s debut record. From first note to last “Supermegafantastic” is packed with powerful vocals, spot on harmonies, intricate instrumentation, chemistry, and talented production from Matt Noveskey (Blue October). To fit this album into one genre would be a nearly impossible task as Chris Martin and Chris Philips paint “Supermegafantastic” with pop like lyrics, complimenting them with the entire spectrum of rock music as the background making a composite of ten tracks pulled together with colorful musicianship and instrumentation.


1. Where Will We Go- Bombshell opener to “Supermegafantastic” get’s the album off to a running start. The energy in this high octane pop rock track is sure to get the listener moving from beginning to end, and grabs the ear with the tightly knit harmonies, signifying the unique chemistry between Martin and Phillips.

2. Hi Lo- Solid, well mixed power pop compliment to its predecessor. “Hi Lo” is built through a well-played banter between rhythm and melody. A very playful song that is fun to listen to.

3. Riot in the Neon Light- With “Supermegafantastic” well under way with this track; IAmDynamite puts a unique spin on it with a trumpet part played by Brendan Bond. “Riot” is a well-crafted song with lots of instrumentation and powerful vocals.

4. Carolina- Two things stand out on “Carolina”: flawless harmonies and storytelling lyrics. This track will keep you on your toes as it frequently changes tempos, building up the listener’s anticipation of what is to come each time.

5. Hey Girl- An energetic track that showcases Martin’s vocal abilities very well. This track ends with enormous strength as it dies down into Martin and Phillips harmonizing a capella, leaving the duos abundant talent completely exposed.

6. Stereo- A fan favorite off IAmDynamite’s E.P. This track remains everything that made it a favorite, with a boost to freshen it up. ‘Stereo” contains a faster tempo, a little more distortion, making it edgier, and a change or two on the vocal effects. If you thought it impossible for this song to get any better from the E.P., take a listen to this version, you won’t be sorry.

7. Ms. Jones- This song is about the rhythm, beat, and hard-hitting rock vocals. “Ms. Jones” showcases the best of Phillip’s simultaneous harmony/percussion abilities, also showing off the band’s harder, edgier side. One, of the best vocal deliveries from both Martin and Phillips on the album.

8. O.E.O-A remix from the previously acoustic sounding O.E.O released on IAD’s E.P. Besides the fuller rock sound, this song has not wavered from the original version much, and has retained its character.

9. Take Me Home- A short interlude that delivers a punch jam-packed with full instrumentation that gradually builds throughout the entire song. A great lead in to the intensity of the following track, “Annie”.

10.Annie-“Supermegafantastic”s closer track and resident slow song, this track provides and ambiotic vibe. “Annie” creates the feeling of having been at a hardcore, energetic party at a club, then heading to someone’s apartment with friends for a low-key hang out. Martin delivers haunting vocals, completing the ambiance.

“Supermegafantastic” officially drops September 13th, and will be a must have. The album puts the best characteristics of IAmDynamite on display and highlights it all. Visit to see where you can catch IAmDynamite while on tour, and grab your copy of “Supermegafantastic”.


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