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I would like to lodge a complaint... about complaints


 What is it about human nature that causes people to never be satisfied with the quality of the things that they see, hear, smell, taste, or experience?  Invariably, there is always someone who will point out something wrong or complain even when everything seems perfect.  As soon as this individual says something, soon everyone is dissatisfied and looking for other imperfections. 

Often, complaining is the easy thing to do, however, complaining is a much more serious matter than one might realize.  Contained within Exodus 16: 1-15 is a story of complaining.  Here, the people of God (who were released from slavery because of the plagues that God brought, saw the Red Sea parted and walked through the middle of it, and who witnessed the bad water being made drinkable) are complaining that they do not have any food; they even suggest that going back into slavery would be better than their life now.  Apparently, they do not understand that God is providing for them.  Moses understands that the people are not complaining against him, but against God.  God provides bread and meat for them, but the point of this passage is that when people complain about something, they are complaining against God.  People complain because of fear, unbelief, or not being satisfied with what they have.  These things are wrong, and only lead to wrong complaining.  

God tells His people to ask and they will receive.  Asking is not wrong, but complaining is.  One should be careful to ask and not to complain.  Often complaining brings more of what one does not want.          

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  • Julia Tidd (FW Christian Living) 5 years ago

    Timely article. I'm taking a Bible Study on the book Calm My Anxious Heart with verses from Philippians. The first part of the book is about being content with your circumstances and gives one woman's guide to happiness of which the first is to never complain.

  • Court 4 years ago

    I like this. I'm remembering this.

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