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'I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed'

This drawing depicts the ferocity of the gods and the idea of human sacrifice.
This drawing depicts the ferocity of the gods and the idea of human sacrifice.

Serpents appear consistently throughout ancient history. Depending upon the culture or civilization, the snake can be a symbol of good or evil.

Our Lady of Grace Photo:
Our Lady of Grace Photo:

In Cambodia, for instance, the snake is represented as a guardian of temples. It also represents a symbol of strength or ferocity, as depicted in the U.S. Navy Jack that reads, "Don't Tread on Me."

Hindus and Buddhists worship a reptilian deity known as "Naga," which represents rebirth, death and mortality.

In Christianity, the snake represents Satan, the fallen angel who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden, the epitomy of evil.

Zulu legend tells of reptilian creatures that are terrifying and god-like. Natives of South Africa know them as the Chitauri (chit-ă-oo'-rē).

MK Ultra and other ritual abuse survivors such as Cathy O'Brien (1) and Arizona Wilder (2) have spoken out about their forced participation in Satanic rituals with some of the most powerful people on the planet—people who "shapeshift" (3) into reptilian form during these rituals.

We are living in a world today where the ultimate evil is about to manifest itself in ways that the human mind can only imagine. Over decades we have been prepared, or slowly desensitized, by media and the entertainment industry (such as Marvel comics and Star Wars films) so that when they finally reveal themselves to the world, they will not be met with shock and horror, but rather friendly acceptance.

Not only are these creatures presently on this earth, but they play an important part in world government and biblical prophecy.

Credo Mutwa (4) is a great shaman, elder, and guardian of the Zulu tradition. He is the official storyteller and keeper of the history of South Africa—one of only two Sinusis left on the planet. His story is mesmerizing and well worth hearing.

Mutwa's knowledge is not limited to legend. In 1959, he was personally subjected to a procedure performed by what is commonly known today as the "Grays" (also known as Mantidines). In his interview, he detailed the horror of this procedure and described the creatures in exact detail.

To the east of Zimbabwe lie the Nyangani (Inyangani) mountains. The highest in Zimbabwe, these mountains are known for the mysterious disappearance (5) of individuals. A January 17, 2014 editorial on the Zimbabwe Herald cites another recent disappearance and warns of the dangers involved with climbing Inyangani.

In 1959, Credo Mutwa was hunting for herbs at the foot of the mountains when, what he described as a bright blue mist, suddenly fell around him. The temperature, he states, dropped suddenly, leaving him with an eerie chill.

The next thing he knew, he was lying on a metal table in only his khaki shirt.

And there I was, lying there with my trousers missing and only my khaki shirt when I saw, again, what appeared to be like blue mist. A number of moving objects, which at first I thought were dolls, and these objects were moving towards me. I noticed with mild surprise that they were very thin, short, human-like creatures with very, very large melon-shaped heads.

He went on to describe them as having only two small holes for a nose and a mouth as thin as a knife cut at the bottom of their face. As they drew closer, Mutwa observed their gray, fish-like color and the skin-tight, silvery-gray garments.

Suddenly, he became aware that one of the creatures was standing directly above him and that he was staring it right in the face. This creature was much taller than the others. He described its fingers as extraordinarily long, with an extra joint at the end of each finger that ended in a chicken-like claw.

Its smell was horrific. Mutwa described it as a combination of metallic and "chemically" odor—much like one would smell if burning grass. (This same stench-like odor has been described by others who have been in the presence of "Grays.")

Mutwa states that he was terrified, but unable to move.

And the next thing I knew was a terrible pain on my left thigh. It was as if somebody had just stabbed me right through the bone.

I screamed and I tried to jump away but my body was—my body was inactive. I could not move; I was not tied to any chain. I was not chained to the top of this table. There was no belt tying me, but I could not move my body.

And when I looked down at what was happening, I found that one of the shorter creatures had driven something very painful into my left thigh.

The creature pulled out the instrument from his thigh and drove another into his right nostril. As Mutwa screamed with terror, blood filled his mouth and squirted out of his nostril. The creature above him removed the second instrument and waived what Mutwa described as an old-fashioned tea strainer beneath his nose. The pain stopped instantly.

The torture was not over, however.

A fourth creature started rummaging between my legs. And pulled out my organ of manhood and stuck something into that. It was very strange, but I wasn't feeling any pain now. But I could feel the flexible cable moving inside me. And then—I can't describe it—it was as if my seed was being sucked out by this small, bright, flexible cable. And then the creature just pulled it out.

Suddenly, the room was empty except for Mutwa and the taller creature. As the creature stood looking over him with its arms folded, Mutwa's mind became flooded with images, as if being telepathically implanted in his brain. He saw buildings, sunk in a red lake of water and terrible mud. Barren trees stuck out like rotted ghosts, as if poisoned.

His thoughts were interrupted by the approach of a fourth and even more terrible being with burning eyes. It was very tall and composed of metal. When it reached his side, it remained motionless, making only a low, humming sound.

From behind the metal being appeared another creature that did not resemble the others. Rather, it had pink skin like a white woman, and golden hair. Its ears were pointed, like an animal and its pale blue, slanted eyes never blinked. Protruding from its back was a tail-like appendage that Mutwa described as very beautiful. The hair in its pubic area and armpits was fiery red.

The creature climbed over him and "made love" to him.

At long last, Mutwa was led out of the room, down a long corridor. There, they showed him what he described as aborted human fetuses floating in a pinkish liquid. "They were very, very terrible and disgusting."

The creatures led him into another room where several others were undergoing the same torture and then, suddenly, Mutwa found himself back in the mountain bushes, wearing only his shirt. Wrapping it around himself like a loin cloth, he staggered aimlessly along the path until he found his way to safety.

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