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I want to know about climate change

Israel suffers under global warming last year
Israel suffers under global warming last year
Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

This week Obama unveiled his latest “crisis” as documented in the 840 page National Climate assessment report. (Report) At a press conference amid a handpicked group of meteorologists on Tuesday he outlined the terrible things that would happen if the recommendations are not adapted. These recommendations include further spending, taxing and regulation all in the name of manmade global warming. It stresses the urgency of doing something now, like during the last two years of this administration.

Before we jump into one more failed Obama initiative maybe this time we should pause and review our thoughts and knowledge on manmade climate change. The American people as a whole believe climate change is the second to last of 20 priorities for our elected representatives to tackle. (Survey) No one doubts that climates change, but how much is manmade and how much do we really control? Skepticism is usually welcomed in an open society of ideas. Obviously the global warming predictions do nothing to quell questioning their methods and motives.

Since opinion polls only show formed views and not why, I am going to break a cardinal rule of reporting and document my own questions regarding global warming.

Is it only me or every time I hear “the debate is over”, “the science is settled” the following picture enters my thoughts. Christopher Columbus arguing before a room full of leaders the earth is round. The leaders and their advisors claiming everyone knows the earth is flat “the science is settled”. (1)

Is it only me who see’s Al Gore as an opportunist rather than a divinity student who turned into the bishop of climate change.

Is it only me who is bothered by the two batches of e-mails from leading climate scientists that discuss the urgency of deleting information, erasing e-mails, and cherry picking data to ensure continued funding. They didn’t seem to be alarmed about rising sea levels or killer storms. (Climategate 2.0)

Is it only me that has to ask what is normal for the climate. Since North America has at one time or another been tropical, sea bed and ice sheet. What are we shooting for? A perfect 70 degrees year round is never going to happen.

Is it only me but after six years of being lied to, taxed up and looked down upon I have trouble believing anything that this administration tells me. Notice it is not called a crisis. The latest White House polling must show that phrase worn out by now. Obama has also not promised to have wind or sunlight ready jobs available for federal funding. He has also avoided telling everyone these environmental regulations will save every house hold $2,500 per year and you can keep filling your car if you like it.

Until these and many other “discrepancies” are cleared up I don’t think we should support further constraints on our fragile economy. To add further burdens to the middle class in the form of higher electric and fuel costs, not to mention the trickle down cost to everything from food to clothing that requires energy to produce on an unproven theory is just stupid. Is that what this administration is banking on? That the electorate is stupid enough to fall for another one of the Obama redistribution scams. The ones that distribute hard earned tax dollars to well heeled supporters? I just want to know, how about you?


1: At the time of Columbus’s voyage they knew the world was round. They knew it from the time of the Greeks and even knew how big the earth was. The arguments against the voyage were based upon not realizing America was in the way and the trip would take too long to survive. It is a perfect example of common knowledge that is wrong.

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