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I want to hear ONE Republican politician say this...

There are hardly any Republicans in Congress that have even a hint of the political courage that is needed to do any of the things that need to be done. Not has a single Republican has suggested we impeach this lawless president, they are so worried the Democrats will call it a partisan witch hunt. How pathetic, members of Congress can't just point to all the scandals as justification.

Will any Republican stand up for repealing the Obama agenda?
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

A few Republicans are still talking about repealing ObamaCare, and that needs to be done. But I want to hear at least one Republican say this: Let's not just repeal ObamaCare, let's repeal the entire misguided, ignorant, and backwards agenda of the Obama Regime, let's repeal the entire Obama presidency. Every laws signed by Obama, every executive order approved, and every jobs-killing regulation implimented by Barack Obama as president, let's repeal all of it in one gigantic bill.

Just think about it. This would be the ultimate way to repudiate, eliminate, and repeal all the destruction of the Obama Regime, that can be reversed, done during the eights years of the Obama presidency by just reversing and repealing all that can be in one bill. This would be the best way to send a signal that the failed policies of eight years of this corrupt president are going to be changed as quickly as change can come.

What the Republicans would pass in the place of all that, is the positive agenda of freedom and prosperty that the GOP needs to sell the American public. This is the kind of agenda we hear presently from leaders like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

But I challenge any Republican in Congress right now, even a governor or political leader, to stand up and propose repealing the entire Obama presidency. It would definitely be a step forward.

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