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I Want My Mom!

All I was told about my mom is that she went to MIT and that her father (my grandfather) was a judge in California. Some female lawyer on Fifth Avenue in New York City arrange it. I used to know the lawyer's anme but I forgot it. It never bothered me much except when the mom who adopted me said, “Some rich family wanted you but we were lucky and we got you.” I wanted the rich family.
When you're adopted, nobody outside your mother and father care about you because you're not really family. So I have no family. No father or mother or brothers or sisters or uncles or aunts or anyone that I know.
It would be nice to find a family but my experience is that even family doesn't care about you. Still some family's are like you see in old movies.
My adoptive mother was never close and my adoptive father was an alcoholic who seemed nice but lost in himself. I was always a only child.
I don't know what the adoption laws are but I know they vary from state to state and are hopelessly convoluted and confusing. I realized long afo I'll never find my mom.
We're all alone from womb to tomb but some mother's care. I want a mom who really cares. I want my mom. If you're out there, find me.
For all those children given away, find me.
You gave me away. Did you ever care?
Mom, find me. I want you to find me.
I want my mom!

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