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I want my flying carpet - driverless cars are coming

One day soon a car could be driving itself to pick you up.
One day soon a car could be driving itself to pick you up.
by Doug Bardwell

Many of the firms attending and exhibiting at 2014 CES are actively working towards providing autonomously controlled automobiles in our lifetime. No, not this year, but as early as the end of this decade you could be reading your Kindle as you drive to work.

In surveying the authorities on the subject, it appears that some serious automation will appear within five years, with the major strides being ten years away. Look first for automatic steering assist and automatic safe following distances. The goal is that the car will detect the white lines and keep you centered as you progress forward. Volvo and Mercedes already are delivering limited lane-centering technology for this year’s models. Audi is talking end of 2014 or early 2015.

Google is still logging miles (over 500,000 since 2009) on its fleet of 24 Lexus SUV’s without an accident to date. Carnegie Mellon recently drove its latest CUV over 33 miles to the Pittsburgh Airport, on suburban roads and highways at speeds to 65 mph while successfully spotting and avoiding pedestrians and bicyclists.

The Highway Safety Administration is eager for the technology to succeed, seeing it as a way to lessen both highway accidents and traffic congestion.

Presently, reports are that Nissan, Audi, GM, Hyundai, Mercedes, Volvo and Tesla are all actively pursuing various stages of autonomous operation in their vehicles. Florida, California and Nevada already have laws on the books regarding driverless vehicles. Look for others to follow quickly as this technology gains traction.

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