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'I Wanna Marry Harry:' Surprising turn of events

Matthew Hicks from I Wanna Marry Harry
Matthew Hicks from I Wanna Marry Harry
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

On Tuesday night’s episode of “I Wanna Marry Harry”, the girls were taken to the stables where the butler announced that 2 of them would be going on a date with “Sir” and the others would be doing some cleaning. And first surprise of the day was the girls chosen for the date were Chelsea and Maggie. Karina, who got the key to the Crown Suite last week, got to watch the girls clean and of course do some complaining.

The suppose Prince Harry took the 2 girls on a horse ride and then a lunch, which included beer and Chelsea was quick to point out that Maggie would definitely enjoy it, -which was a put down-, since all are aware that Maggie enjoys her alcohol a bit too much, and this having a bit more class let the comment go and did not make a scene before the man of the hour. However, once back at the house Maggie did call Chelsea out on the inappropriate comment she made, and this rather than apologize became aggressive and began her pouting that ended later on in the day with her asking to see “Sir, and telling him she was leaving the estate by giving excuse that the other’s cattiness was getting to her, lack of character and aggressive behavior must be displayed not only when criticizing, but also with the obvious reciprocal chastising from those previously attacked.

Karina got to go on a date with “Sir”, first a helicopter ride and then a boat ride along the Thames, where some girls were set up that would scream Prince Harry’s name, just to reinforce the hoax, they kissed and without question there is chemistry between both of them. Later that night at dinner, the girls assumed that no one would be eliminated that night, since Chelsea had left of her own, so they felt that surely the one girl called would receive the key to the Crown Suite, then the butler came and asked for Anna Lisa, -who doesn’t believe this bachelor is Prince Harry-, and the rest sighed in confusion, and suddenly another girl was asked for and it was Kelley, -who imagines herself a Princess and tries very hard to impress the suppose prince-.

And with both girls in different parts of the estate the presumed prince came to them and while Anna Lisa remain composed and secure in herself, Kelley on the other hand immediately begged not to be sent home, as tears rolled down her face. Anna Lisa was asked to leave the estate and Kelley much to her relief received the key to the Crown Suite. But don’t forget Meghan who continues having much eye contact with the bachelor and with her furtively rubbing herself up against him, or touching him in some way; it will be interesting to see what these 2 will turn out to be at the end of the show.

“I Wanna Marry Harry” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.