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'I Wanna Marry Harry:' Another girl is asked to leave the estate

Matthew Hicks from I Wanna Marry Harry
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

On Tuesday night the second episode of this hilarious bachelor type of show ran, and Matt who supposedly is Prince Harry without having said so, but instead letting appearances deceive the 11 single American girls vying for his attention; decided to have a game of cricket. And Rose who last week received the key to the Crown Suite along with a date with the suppose royal prince, got to decide which girls would play and which would serve tea.

I Wanna Marry Harry”, places American girls in a luxurious estate in England, and they meet a guy who is addressed as Sir by the butler, however, looks a lot like Prince Harry, and gives hints as to his true identity without revealing the hoax. Matt will eventually propose to the girl of his dreams and also tell her that he is a commoner, without wealth, much less royal lineage, if she accepts him great, otherwise, he will probably be left heart broken.

Every week a girl will receive the key to the Crown Suite and a date with the Sir, and another girl will be asked to leave the estate. This week Andrea a gorgeous girl who seemed somewhat aloof and not fully vested into getting to know Sir, was sent home, while Kimberly received the coveted key and thus her dreams of marrying Prince Charming kept alive.

This is a show that has to be taken at face value and not analyzed, or expect some fascinating trend that must be followed for future bachelor shows, or dating shows for that matter. “I Wanna Marry Harry” is fun and has those moments of suspense with presumed secret service agents guarding the suppose prince’s every move, and even from time to time whisking him away as though an emergency has just taken place, but as well have all the fanfare, elegance, and comforts of what living as a Prince or Princess would be like.

“I Wanna Marry Harry” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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