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I wanna be a cowboy baby: Wear Texas themed clothing

As a Texas-born girl, I have always had such pride for my homestate. Whenever I run into someone else from Texas, I always feel a sort of unspoken connection to that person. But not everyone gets it, as it is a Texan thing.

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Ashley Reiner

As I travel and relocate from time to time, I like to have constant reminders of where I came from. The best way to do so? Wear some Texas-themed fashion!

Yes, that's right. Hailing from the great big southern state is now a fashion trend. You heard me. Whether it be in the form of jewelry or printed on a graphic tee, people everywhere are realizing that the Lone Star State is really where it's at.

Now I'm not suggesting you throw on some cowboy boots and get all dressed up like you would for the rodeo. Instead, wear a cute sweatshirt from Wildfox with some denim cutoffs or opt for a navajo necklace to hint at your hometown, without overdoing it.

The best part of this trend is that you don't even have to be from Texas to rock it. So whether you're from Delaware or California, it doesn't really matter, as long as you recognize that everything is bigger in Texas.

Check out my slideshow to the left for some strictly southern finds. I guarantee it'll make you proud to say "y'all" no matter who you're talking to.

"You can all go to hell and I will go to Texas." --Davy Crockett


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