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I think I love you

I think I love you” and “Do you love me” are commonly asked and answered on Valentine’s Day. In addition, what else can be more important than sending your loved one sweets, flowers, and jewelry? Have you ever thought of giving your dear the ability to have health forever? “I think I love you” was even sung by the Partridge Family in 1970. We seem to pose these types of questions on Valentine’s Day. There is always an overlying feeling to be loved. If we show affection, we can feel complete. As we know, “Love makes the world go around.”

It is a gratifying gesture to give and receive a greeting card on February 14. It is a simple token of one’s affections in order to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. This saint was a 3rd-century Roman priest who was martyred on February 14, the eve of the celebrations of the pagan goddess Juno, when lots were drawn to choose lovers. The reutilization of this day was absorbed into the Christian calendar. Thus, we observe this day as a celebration of love, respect and friendship. But, what about commemorating good health? This is an essential item for long life.

June and Mary from Los Angeles are going to Greece. This venture made me think of love! Did you know that the Greek goddess of love and beauty was Aphrodite? She was born near the island of Cyprus. Aphrodite was a jealous and passionate goddess. She loved the men and gods in her life. In addition, she loved her sons and grandchildren. Sometimes her maternal instincts led her too far especially when her son, Cupid, found a human to love. Aphrodite felt threatened by Cupid’s mortal mate. Consequently, she did all should could to abort the marriage.

As we get older, frugality becomes more of an issue. I think I love you so we need to stay well and enjoy life into our senior years. As we mature in years, we forge through illnesses, broken bones, and heartache, which cause our mental health to be affected. One member of the family becomes ill; we need to provide each other with the mutual respect and understanding especially during the times of stress and heartache. Some families have few unfortunate episodes.

Other families have many unfortunate situations. The older we get, problems do occur more frequently. We can face all insurmountable odds even though we have our own may of reacting to stress. If you love me, we need to be a team. We are also fortunate because we have many loved ones in our lives inclusive of our spouse or significant other. Not just a day of an exchange of gifts nor is it exclusively celebrated between lovers. Saint Valentine’s Day is not just a day of an exchange of gifts nor is it exclusively celebrated between lovers. This should be a day of appreciation for friendship, respect and love. It should also be an exchange of health and happiness.

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