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I suspect my boyfriend is not being straight with me

Dear Debbie,

I have been dating a man for about six months and it seems as though he is hiding me from almost everyone he knows.  I have met very few of his friends and none of his family.   When I question  him about this he denies there is anything going on and tells me that when we have time he will introduce me to everyone.  Do you think I am being overly suspicious or am I right to be concerned? 

Signed, In the Dark

Dear In the Dark,

Your suspicions are well founded and your boyfriend has a responsibility to put your mind at ease about why you have yet to meet his inner circle.

He may be embarrassed to introduce you to his friends and family which could have nothing to do with deception but rather be financial (he lives in a crummy place), social (he lives with his parents) or emotional (he is not ready for a serious commitment) reasons. However, if you suspect he is married or living with someone, you really need to clear the air and put an end to his excuses.

If you are in love with this man, it may be difficult for you to listen to your head and not your heart when trying to get to the bottom of what is going on.  You need some straight answers before continuing in the relationship and if he is unwilling to give them to you, distance yourself from this man before any more time goes by.

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