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I Still Want My MTV...Video Music Awards!

With Thicke Begging for Paula Patton Back, Will Cyrus' Pancake Ass Be Without Its Syrup?
With Thicke Begging for Paula Patton Back, Will Cyrus' Pancake Ass Be Without Its Syrup?
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for MTV

Ever since the dawn of the reality television explosion in the late '90's, MTV has been constantly ridiculed and banned by hardcore music fans claiming the network has gone astray from its musical roots. However, these are the same viewers who will make an exception each year to tune into the station's highly regarded award's show, the Video Music Awards, as it continually represents the 4 horsemen of MTV's original mission statement. The VMA's are revered as the network's remaining program highlighting the latest in up-and-coming acts, delivering anticipated artist announcements/ memorable moments, fueling industry drama, and of course, compiling influential performances. Below are some notable artists from the 2014 roster who will continue to qualify this well-rounded crash course in musical relevancy, with some heavy hitters who have marked this program as the model/ spark to award show compilations throughout the season.

1. 5 Seconds of Summer Award's Show Debut- The Aussie quartet are the next wave of recent international boy-band acts to take American audiences (and pre-teens) by storm. Recently the group has gained state's side notoriety by applying their music to niche projects and targeted demographics, but the VMA's will be a chance for viewers to recognize the performers on a larger scale/ realize the force of this rising foursome! Furthermore, many former UK guy-groups have failed to deliver, vocally, on this high pressure award's show; so this will also be a chance for the band to prove they have musical chops to stand alone as artists beyond their teeny-bopper personas.

2. Beyoncé Continues Her Talked- Up Shake- Downs: Over the past few years, Beyoncé has given audiences many reasons to tune-in with anticipation; as she has used the VMA stage to solidify her separation from Destiny's Child, highlight her solo fame with a kick-ass performance of "Single Ladies", and announce another leading lady in her life- the pregnancy of Baby Bleu. This year will not be any different with a 15-minute performance on deck, rumors surrounding a divorce from Jay-Z, and 8 Moonmen nominations; thus "Bey" will have many reasons to be drunk on crazy. So, viewers can count on Queen B to deliver the latest in musical note-worthiness with her performance art chronicling Ms. Carter's current and controversial life's circumstances.

3. Taylor Swift Slated to Perform New Song: With Swift escalating drama amongst the most notable men in the music industry- more specifically, Kanye West and Harry Styles- during previous VMA installments, the debut of her latest over-rated and over-exalted man bashing anthem ( "Shake It Off") will be sure to insight emotion within Hollywood's finest gentleman in attendance. Being an artist who makes her millions from the exploits of failed relationships/ public declarations of douche-bagginess, the accusations will become more angrily, jointly defended by the increasing number of men used by this performer for her own fame. The drama and the speculation of who Swift is pinpointing her heart-ache on this week, gives viewers a gasp-worthy reason to watch the evenings' performances unfold.

4. Miley Cyrus is Ready for the Comeback of Crazy: In moving on from artists who wreak craziness, while holding on to the ideal they are sane (cough...Taylor Swift..cough); comes Ms. Miley Cyrus who owns and flaunts her diversion from the mainstream. During the 2013 VMA's, Cyrus twerked her way onto the "shock" radar by maneuvering through a sea of creepy life-sized teddy bears and an even creepier Robin Thicke dressed as a Foot-Locker Employee. The world immediately pointed a foam-finger at Cyrus' suggestive antics after using this program as the spark to fuel her drug/ sex-induced deviation from Disney Princess. This year, with the world still reeling from last year's gimmicks, viewers have awarded Miley a place in the industry alongside other shock- and- awe artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie, Madonna, Britney Spears, and, Lady Gaga; who are known more for " what will they do next?" than actual musical artistry.

5. Lastly, Usher, Will Use His Feet to Start a Movement: With being the second coming of Michael Jackson, in terms of choreography, Usher will use the VMA stage to reinforce his niche in the musical spectrum and continue his influence for aspiring performers to come. With his gyrations motivating the moves of once-promising musicians, such as Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, Usher's fame will rise again by using his segment as a call-to-action for young up-and-comers serious in developing the full package of a performing artist. Viewers will tune in to be re-inspired by an artist who has constant longevity and influence in the industry, and who still has much to offer audiences/ dreamers alike.

With the VMA's still offering a platform for inducting break-out artists into the mainstream, generating epic celebrity escapades, instigating jaw-dropping moments, and of course, procuring show-stopping live performances; MTV continually sets the tone for purely connecting the public with the multi-faceted music industry.

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