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I spent National Cheese Day at one of the world's best: NYC's Murray's!

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It was kind of serendipitous that I planned a special trip to NYC's Murray's cheese shop yesterday, on what turned out to be National Cheese Day. Murray's is NYC's oldest cheese shop, opening in 1940. It's a favorite of such notable foodies as David Rosengarten. They do mail orders and have boutique locations at some Kroger's grocery stores in the Midwest and Texas.

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The selection is tremendous with in-house, local and European cheese, but not overwhelming . . . especially with the knowledgeable staff they have! They know that gourmet cheeses can be somewhat of an investment; they're great with samples and advice. Also, when you make your purchase, they put on a label with tasting notes on each of your purchases.

The shop also sells all kinds of charcuterie, cheese accompaniments and serving tools, including special double layered cheese papers that really do protect fine cheeses.

One thing they do that's unique: they hold a number of classes, including an intense boot camp and private classes available.

Another thing that's fantastic: they make sandwiches on site! The cheese melt sandwich has a "secret blend", which could be any of their divine selections. When I ordered it, it had a Fontina flavor and was super-rich.

If that all's not enough, they have an actual cave below the shop where they age their own cheeses! You can see into it through a glass spot under their welcome mat.

The flagship store is in Greenwich Village, which is quite the foodie mecca these days: there are Italian butchers, game shops, pastry makers and bakeries within steps of the shop.

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