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"I resolve to..."

Resolve to resolve
Resolve to resolve

New Years resolutions come and go. According to the New York Times, nearly 40% of you will break your resolution by February while another 33% are not really committed to their resolution to begin with. Here are the top 10 resolutions:

1. Spend more time with family and friends

2. Get fit/exercise more

3. Lose weight

4. Quit smoking

5. Enjoy life more

6. Quit drinking

7. Get out of debt

8. Learn something new

9. Help others

10. Get organized

All of these are great resolutions or intentions. But good intentions are only as good as the effort put into them. Wouldn’t be nice if there was something that could help you keep your resolution? Something that could help you get your good intentions into great actions?

There is, and in one simple word…HYPNOSIS! According to the experts, hypnosis can help in a variety of ways. The obvious ones such as helping you loose a few extra pounds, quite smoking, getting fit, are on many people’s minds. But, did you know that hypnosis can also help get you better organized, help you relax and enjoy your time with others better, help you make better, wiser decisions about your money?

Heidi Carabine, a Hypnotherapist in Austin, and darn good at her craft, knows what it takes to help people get on the right track. “With Hypnosis you can eliminate unwanted behaviors and implement good, desired behaviors. Bad or compulsive behaviors can be overcome and replaced with positive, desired habits,” Heidi says.

Now, it is easy to be one of the 73% of people who set their New Year’s Resolution up for failure. But why make that commitment to yourself and others only to be set up to fail? Ask for help! Whether it is Heidi or some other qualified hypnotherapist, the help is there. Set your good intentions on the path to success. This year, resolve not only to fulfill one of the top 10, but resolve to complete your resolution! Yea, resolve to resolve!


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