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'I really like shopping there...'

The opening of the H & M Australia store
The opening of the H & M Australia store
Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images

A guiding standard that allows the customer to know the service expectations they can rely on with a business and it's product, is the customer service policy. A policy in which the end hope is to create a service experience in which the customer feels satisfied and increase the chance of developing a continuing relationship with the customer.

Businesses achieving performance goals can sometimes hinge on the customer service policy in place. By establishing and developing a policy that encourages and strengthens the rapport with the customer, the ability to lose the customer as a result, will be at a minimum.

"They're so generous about coupons. They'll take expired ones or even multiples of those for the $5 or $10. I really like shopping there, and I've found lots of gadgets that are hard to find elsewhere. Some items are overpriced but the coupons take care of that and make it a cheaper alternative to other stores. They're also very liberal about returns. My mother has bad luck with Brita faucet filters. One stopped working and they let her exchange it for a new one many months after the sale", shares a customer of their experience with Bed, Bath and Beyond, via

The customer service interaction doesn't come to an end when the customer has purchased the product. When the customer finds there is a problem with the item, this introduces an opportunity for the customer service policy to enhance the service level.

Assess the following with your customer service policy:

  • Is it flexible? Many of your competitors have a 'hassle free' return policy, with no questions asked.
  • Do you provide a 'ready solution'? Preparing your employees for the various types of possible grievances, customers may have for a product or service.

The goal of good customer service is a happy, returning customer. Many businesses depend on their returning customers for the majority of their business. The cost to maintain an established customer is less than the cost to develop a new one. Having a good customer service policy that's apart of the business culture can elevate the bottom line.

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