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I-Pod Candy: Florence and the Dysfunctional Relationship Ballad

Florence Minus Machine
Florence Minus Machine

“You hit me once.

I hit you back.

You gave a kick.

I gave a slap.

You smashed a plate over my head.

Then I set fire to our bed.”

-the a capella lead-in to Florence + The Machine’s “Kiss With A Fist”

Of all the things that would suck about living under an oppressively sexist religious regime, one of the worst must be that women are denied access to guitars. I can’t imagine living in a world without songs like “Kiss With A Fist,” a near-perfect incarnation of the dysfunctional relationship rock ballad. Its two minutes are so well executed, the formula almost sits naked on the hood of the car, but that ends up irrelevant in the face of two simple facts: Florence Welch has a killer vocal presence and is on her way to indie-pop hugeness, and who cares—it’s a great formula.

We’ve screwed up many things in the supposedly free world, but we have chicks who rock. Let us celebrate that fact.

Video, here, is not dark enough to do the song justice, so I recommend just downloading the song.


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