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i-Ox Smartphone Grip

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The first in the World Smartphone Grip using new enhanced vacuum technology.

The i-Ox Smartphone Grip - a perfect companion for your device. It's a clever way to free up both hands and fingers while still retaining full control. How many times did your phone drop on your face while you were lying down on bed gaming? Can you reach all of screen's points using just one hand? Can you take a picture of a bird flying from high above or shoot a video at full arm's length? Can you relax off tightly holding a phone, while talking or typing in a text message?

The i-Ox Smartphone Grip will help you to solve all of those problems.


The i-Ox is a holder and a stand for smartphones. The main purpose of the i-Ox is to improve consumer experience by providing an adjustable grip to your device; this in turn will FREE UP YOUR HANDS and provide a better experience while typing, gaming, photographing, browsing the web and doing everything else you may desire. One can easily attach and detach it on the back of the device and begin to use the device more efficiently. Once attached, all of the screen points can be reached using only one hand! Also the i-Ox easily and comfortably takes the folded position while attached on the device.

This truly solves a problem