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I need to “get away” or a “getaway” now!

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking." Earl Wilson
"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking." Earl Wilson

You have had enough of your boss’s pinpointed clarifications, rent payments, gas prices, and yard work. It is well known that employment and unemployment, mortgage and rent payment, debt, and gas prices are among the leading causes of stress in the United States. Your fuse may be getting shorter as the daily pressures fuel a soon-to-be eruption. There is good news. This is normal! Most people are victim to these inevitable challenges of society.

There are days where you would rather be on a white sand beach, sipping a margarita and watching the sunset. Some may tell you to do just that! If you are in a position at work, money-wise, along with family responsibilities, more power to you. Take a vacation and return to life in a week revitalized.

This article is for the 99% of people that cannot escape to a Sandals resort once their shock absorbers have worn down from deadlines, bills, or a pesky co-worker. When your body and mind is yelling loud and clear, “I need a getaway”, be sure to “get away”. We are going to follow the same principles found in a tropical resort. It is recommended to incorporate sunshine, fresh air, play time, creativity, and relaxation in your everyday life.


Sunshine can improve one's mood, ward off depression, aid in sleep and even improve your sex life. Yes, sun is great for you! How do you get some while at home and work? Sun therapy light bulbs are a great start. You can find them reasonably priced on Amazon (Sun Light Bulbs!). You will receive the same benefits of spending time under these bulbs as the sun. Read a book, play your video games, or simply relax with these bulbs in your typical lamps.

Fresh Air

Not everyone has the benefit to work inside. In fact, the majority of Americans are located indoors, and without much mobility. These are big challenges that must be faced. Take 30 minutes of your lunch break and take a walk outside. When you return home, eat dinner outside on the patio if weather permits. If you are going to read a book, read outside!

Play Time

Most adults do not take the time to play and enjoy themselves. Adults and play in the same sentence? Yes, try to get used to it! Schedule play time and do not feel irresponsible about it. This may be one of the more responsible moves that you made for your well-being in a long time. Find your niche and get moving!

Don't stick to a normal schedule just as you would not when you are on vacation! Stop bringing a PB&J for lunch at work. Go out once a week with colleagues and grab something tantalizing to your taste buds. Go on impromptu car rides with your significant other after work. Have an Arts & Crafts night instead of watching TV again and again.


Brooks Gump, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Oswego said, 'We concluded that skipping vacations could actually be dangerous to your health. Vacations have a protective effect because they help you reduce your load of stress, or at least allow you to take a break from the everyday stressors of the workplace.’’ Let Dr. Gump inspire you to start saving for a real vacation. All prior advice to spice up your usual day will work for the time being. However, set a goal for yourself even if it is two years away!


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