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I miss the connection I had created

I came to a realization today that threw me for a loop. I realized I miss my job of making the donuts for a local grocery store. I do not miss getting up at 4:00 a.m. to make the donuts; nor do I miss the petty junior high games the presumably adult staff played. I enjoyed eating the donuts on a couple of occasions when I shared the gooey, sweet treat with Norm, but even this isn’t the part I miss. I miss the connection I had created to my childhood while preparing the donuts.

I have some wonderful childhood memories of the bakery on Main St. in Berlin. My dad frequently stopped in to purchase his favorites; pershings and long johns. Over the years, they became my favorites too. A fried donut, iced with vanilla frosting and covered in peanuts. Yum!

When I was being trained, I was told to decorate the donuts using vanilla and chocolate frosting, or glaze and then top them using a variety of nuts and sprinkles. It was like decorating Christmas cookies, but it wasn’t this memory that I connected with. It was the pershings and long johns, iced with vanilla frosting and covered with nuts that transported me to my childhood.

Something so simple that caused me to dust off the cobwebs of my mind, to look back and remember. Once I made the connection to my childhood I can’t help but hope that my children will have experiences in their life that cause them to dust off the cobwebs and remember a positive childhood memory that I created.

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