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I miss Sundays

Sunday family dinner
Sunday family dinner

For those of us raised in the late 50's and early 60's the world has changed at a rapid pace and not always for the better. I think this realization came to me in the late 70's.

I had just completed my first tour of Germany and had come home to visit my parents in July of 1977. They were living in St. Louis at the time. My mother asked me if I would like to go to a local store with her.I noticed the time and told her it was after 9 pm and the store was closed. She informed me that the store was now open 24 hours a day. I was shocked to discover that not only was that particular store open 24 hours, but so were many others.

I went on to my duty station at Ft. Riley, Kansas a few days later. When I went to get my telephone service set up the woman behind the counter gave me a plastic sack containing a telephone. I asked her what I was supposed to do with it and she pointed out a phone jack on the wall. She said all I had to do was plug it in.I was stunned. In my day, a telephone was installed by some guy who came to your house in a van from the local telephone company. The world had left me behind.

That's why I miss Sundays. As a child I would get up sometimes early on Sunday morning and just listen to the stillness. No cars were moving in the streets. No stores were open except perhaps drug stores and then only for limited hours.

Back in those days we had what were known as "blue laws". You couldn't buy alcohol or tobacco. If you wanted to drink a beer on Sunday after church you had to stock up on Saturday. Traffic was almost nonexistent. The only sounds one would hear would be the birds singing on a warm, summer Sunday morning, and the sound of church bells in the distance.

Families would go to morning services then gather together for Sunday dinner (that would be at noon here in the South). Afterward we would visit with one another and depending on the season, perhaps watch baseball or football. In the evening those that came to visit would depart and we would get ready for bed. Another peaceful Sunday had come and gone.

These days if a store is not open 24 hours we wonder why. We can shop online any time day or night. If we get hungry just hop in the car and hit the nearest drive through. No need to go to the drive in movie (if you can even find one anywhere) we just boot up a live streaming movie on our computers or TV's.

We are hurtling through space and time as well as our lives. We live in a nonstop world that is rooted in convenience, accessibility, and instant gratification. Before we know it our children are grown with children of their own. Our lives have passed before we even have the opportunity to appreciate all of our Divine Blessings.

I miss Sundays.


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