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I Made It Through-Natasha Owens

Contemporary Pop Music newcomer Natasha Owens is embracing listeners with her debut release I Made It Through. Released in 2013, the album features 10 tracks dedicated to helping others find love, peace, and comfort amidst hurt, pain, and sadness experienced in their lives. Owens states, “I was asked by a producer in Nashville to create a CD. I told him it had to be a restoration project because I wanted to help someone else with their crossroad in life.” Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in March of 2013, the album features the stand-out tracks “I Made It Through”, “Always Will”, and “Not For A Moment”.

After losing her father in 2010, Owens battled a bout of depression, “I went through an angry stage and I became so angry at God for allowing my Dad to die and not saving him, “ Owens confesses, “It was hard to lead people into praise and worship and tell them how great God was when I felt like he was everything but great.” While she played an active role as music minister at her local church, Owens was able to slowly transform her negative feelings into a positive healing. Owens states, “The more I ministered to people, the more God healed me.” After overcoming tragedy, she became inspired to write the uplifting track, “I Made It Through”. “When I heard the song, I knew immediately that I had to name the CD that.“ Owens’ feelings can be heard through the lyrics, “...I made it through/ Even though there were days I thought the sun was gone forever/ And I made it over/ I’m a little bit stronger../” Owens states, “When you finally make it through the darkness of your trail and you feel the sun on your face for the first time, you feel such joy, peace, comfort, and thankfulness to God for bringing you through the storm.”

On the uplifting Blues-filled track “Always Will”, Owens sings of her praises through her lyrics, “…Never forsaken, never forgotten/ Never had to stand alone/ Good to know I’m always accepted/ Always forgiven/ And I know he always will.../” Through the song, Owens mentions, “I want everyone to experience the feeling of being an over comer and knowing that God never left you for a moment.” Through such personal and positive lyrics, listeners of Owens’ music are able to push through their constant struggles with faith and determination. “There have been so many people who have reached out to us saying all the same thing, “ Owens recalls, “They say that the music has inspired them and gave them hope.”

Born in Jackson, Tennessee Natasha Owens traveled to several cities with her family as a child, relocating to Memphis and eventually residing in Dallas, Texas. Along the way, Owens grew up and spent most of her life in the church where she was a praise singer and music minister. She also played an active role while singing in the choir. Musically influenced by the likes of Michael W. Smith, Kari Jobe, and Chris Tomlin, Owens also showcases instrumentation influences, from 80’s hair bands including Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. “I grew up in the 80’s genre of music, so you will find that in the Christian Rock songs on my CD.” Owens states, “We have a lot of 80’s Guitar chords in them.”

Through her music, Owens has had the privilege of professing her love for God in front of thousands of listeners. “In 2000, I was in the Philippines at an open air stadium. I sang at a conference in front of 10,000 people. It was an incredible experience.” An unforgettable moment occurred when Owens opened for one of her favorite Christian music artists, Michael W. Smith in October of 2013. Owens states, “It was such a bittersweet day because it was my Dad’s birthday. It felt like I was singing directly to my Dad up in heaven.”

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