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"I'm too sexy for my hat" - Elliot showcases his savvy style

He's fashionable & fabulous... He's Elliot, the first  featured male in this column!
He's fashionable & fabulous... He's Elliot, the first featured male in this column!
Photo courtesy of Honest Lifestyle Co.

"Good fashion style means wearing clothes that reflect you, not represent you. What I mean by this is that fashion should merely be a natural extension of yourself - your thoughts, values, interests," believes Elliot. 

Finally, a male who now graces the urban fashionista pages - of course, we can temporarily drop the "Fashionista" bit. 

Elliot believes it's much too obvious when someone buys a $400 pair of True Religion jeans and a $200 Ed Hardy T-shirt purely for the persona involved with these brands and price tags. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, someone who wears heavy metal T's and destroyed denim just for the attention.

"One could argue that it's an 'extension of someone's thoughts and values' because their unnatural clothing choices reflect their insecurities and such, but that doesn't mean it's good style," he explains. "It comes off as awkward - or as if they're 'hiding' in their clothes."

Elliot does, however, appreciate many style types, from those who keep it simple to those who rock some wild stuff, as long as it comes off as true to themselves, and they believe in who they are and what they're wearing.

He also respects people who make creative choices that work well, and those who take chances, which goes hand in hand with creativity. 

As far as his own personal style influences?

"It's all over the map!," he explains. "I used to be into the skateboarding scene and my gear reflected that. I then moved into the hip hop scene, as did every white, suburban teenager, and my clothing began to reflect that... I'm now more influenced by creative cuts and materials rather than wild clothing colours and designs. Although, I do get a lot of my ideas from people such as Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi, Shepard Fairey, the odd GQ magazine, to people in malls and on the street."

"Bottom line," he adds, "I always try and dress to reflect me."

Elliot, truly interested in the creative culture of the fashion industry, is starting his own retail company and has begun making creative T's and few other basic pieces. He plans to sell them online and 'see what happens'. 

Knowing Elliot, he will soon see success. 


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