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I'm thankful for rescue groups and foster pet parents

Fiona is thankful for her forever home
Fiona is thankful for her forever home
Razzberri Photography/Image Chef

As we approach Thanksgiving, I was thinking about my dogs and what they would be thankful for. I'm sure it would include warm blankets, stairs to our bed, chicken, squeaky toys, warm sunbeams to lay in, treats and snuggle time. But since they were all rescues, they should also be thankful for the people that helped them get here. I know I am very thankful to Wags Strays, Ruby Ranch Pet Rescue and Sanctuary and the Shelby County Animal Shelter for taking in our dogs and getting them healthy so we could adopt them. So here is my list of reasons I'm thankful for rescue groups and foster homes.

  • Rescues rock! They often take in the overflow from shelters, owner surrendered pets or strays that no one wants.
  • Rescues don't care if the pet isn't a perfect specimen of the breed. They're more interested in helping the pet become the best it can be so it will be adopted.
  • Foster parents are willing to sit up all night with a sick pet just so it doesn't have to be alone.
  • Rescues save millions of lives each year by pulling from kill shelters. For every animal that they pull, they are opening up a space for another homeless pet.
  • Foster homes help the pets learn how to act in a home environment so they're better prepared to be adopted.
  • Rescues are always in need of more money but don't hesitate to take in one more needy animal.
  • Rescues and foster families often have to work in their own family and work obligations around the homeless animals and they do it willingly.
  • Foster homes spend a lot of time and love on a pet that isn't even theirs. When it's time for them to be adopted, it's usually with a tear in the eye of the foster parents but they want what's best for each pet.

During this time of Thanksgiving, let's give thanks to all the hardworking rescue groups and foster homes out there. Thanks for caring enough to help all these homeless pets! I would also like to give thanks for our awesome regular vet, Dr Cindy Baker at Bargersville Veterinary Hospital. I'm thankful that she's such a great vet with such a caring staff. I'm thankful I can go there without calling if I have a problem and most of all, I'm thankful for rescue and multiple pet discounts.

To stay updated on local rescue info, Subscribe above. If you would like to see your foster pets, rescue group, shelter or event listed here, send me an email at As always, thanks for opting to adopt.


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