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'I'm so (insert city here)' meme floods Facebook, all social media

The newest meme to hit the net is taking over Facebook.
The newest meme to hit the net is taking over Facebook.

Have you been on your Facebook new feed lately and noticed a ton of people letting everyone know where they're from and what they remember about it? Well, that's because the brand new "I'm so" meme has taken over just about all of social medial. added it to its database on July 22, 2014, and gives a quick description of the craze that is spreading like mad.

Remember the Giraffe Riddle on Facebook? This seems to be spreading just as fast.

Looking through Facebook news feeds and Twitter, you'll see users state "I'm so (insert city here)" and then finish the statement they remember about that place. It's usually their hometown or where they grew up as children, but that can vary.

According to Know Your Meme:

I’m So is the beginning of a phrase popularized on Facebook and Twitter which goes on to explain why the user is such a stereotypical citizen of their city.

HottyToddy reported that "I'm so Oxford" went viral. has now reported that "I'm so Birmingham" has gone viral and is being posted everywhere. It's happening with as many cities as humanly possible.

With this craze catching on so very quickly, it's spreading to other situations as well. No longer is it being used just with cities, but the "I'm so" meme has already branched out to include video games, books, schools, and more.

There's even an "I'm so Disney..." group that has started on Facebook and is growing every minute.

Much like the giraffe riddle, this craze may end up dying fast as well, but it's surely caught on for now. As it is, the "I'm so" meme is growing quickly and being attached to just about any city, state, school, and anything else you can possibly think of.

Some competitions are even starting on social media as cities are battling to see who is more...them, I guess.

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