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I'm really missing something

Yes, yes, yes, I know, I'm an old fuddy-duddy. I really don't care. Just can't figure anything out in this world.

How come every time you see a picture of a so-called singer he/she is either doing something stupid or acting like a complete idiot? With women, every picture shows them dressed like sluts and prostitutes.

Now tell me something, was the world so bad off when singers wore three piece suits and dresses? I mean the men wore suits and the girls wore dresses. Not like today... Well actually it is. Problem is men and women both wear interchangeable clothes.

But for me, the concept of respecting your fame is so vital. And yet no one seems to respect anything but themselves. They claim it's their right. It is. But I think young people deserve to have role models who portray positive images. I see young people everyday dressed like music icons in rap and pop fields. Pre-teen girls dressed like they are headed for the corner of 4th and Main after school and guys who can't figure out the waist of a pair of jeans doesn't go around your knees.

I am harsh in my criticism of celebrity because I do believe they have a responsibility. Talent used to dictate popularity. Now it's how far you'll go to entice your audience. That's what is wrong with the music world. Anyone can be a star if you're willing to compromise all morality.

I was listening to the Sinatra channel this morning on XM radio as I drove into work. My, how the world has changed. Singers singing in key... No electronics only real genuine music and voices. I'd love to see any of the so called singers of the current age try that. Dress in a nice dress and sing a torch song... Never happen. They haven't the talent to do it. It takes actual talent not a nice body and fake or enhanced parts.

I guess it's not going to happen anytime soon. But I'll keep on dreaming...

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