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"I'm Ready for Hillary" indicates Clinton run for president

Hillary definately will run
Hillary definately will run
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Time Magazine is reporting the Super PAC hired by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is gearing up big time for her anticipated run for president.

The Super PAC organization has already rented the email list of her supporters from her 2008 presidential campaign. This along with the distribution of thousands of “I’m Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers.

Most would call it a strong indication, or merely and afterthought, that Ms. Clinton will seek the Democratic presidential nomination despite her comments that she is ”undecided.”

Clinton is able to bypass laws that disallow the rental of the mailing list because she has not yet declared her candidacy. By law, super PACs can't coordinate directly with active candidates once they declare they're running.

The PAC moves and other rallying cries to Clinton’s candidacy so early before the 2016 election have placed her is the commanding frontrunner position soliciting a massive war chest of campaign money so early.

She has stated she will decide sometime this year whether to run or not.

Her political team will include the likes of National Economic Council Adviser Gene Sperling, who is retiring from that position next month. Sperling spent several years carrying out various roles in former President Bill Clinton’s administration and has remained close to the Clinton's.

He had previously served as Hillary's top economic adviser during her last run for the Oval Office.

Remarkably, it was just last year that the books were finally closed on Ms. Clinton’s first run for president in 2008. She was defeated by now President Barack Obama. Her campaign team filed a termination report with the Federal Election Commission after she paid off her 2008 campaign debts and stepped down from the State Department.

With all these financial developments, there is little doubt Hillary Rodham Clinton is running again.

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