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I'm Not Drunk: the video game

This is popping as a meme (thanks, Facebook), so I'll moo with the herd and add it here. It's funny, but driving drunk is absolutely NOT FUNNY. Before you begin drinking, have an exit strategy: who is your driver? Are you taking a cab or public transportation? (new Expo Line in LA!) Can you crash at the host's place if at a party? If you drink too much, what are you going to do? Figure it out before you've had one.

Even if you are under .08 Blood Alcohol Limit of California, your reaction time is still slowed. I know, I've been a guinea pig for DMV BAC testing.

Just like playing with fire, drink firewater responsibly.

From the National Directory of Designated Driver Services:

It's better to see you at the bar than behind bars. Drink smartly.


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