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I’m moving from Blackberry to Android on TMobile, which Android phone is right?

Choosing the right Android phone
Choosing the right Android phone

There are many phones that you can choose from on each carrier. And it is quite subjective but the recommendations I give are based on a few key points:

  • Date – phones change constantly, so in 6 months this will change.
  • Ability to receive the latest Android software OTA (over the air).
  • Battery Life – Versus the other Android phones on the carrier.
  • Speed – Because you may have many apps, processors are key.
  • Ease of use – Functionality and overall system.

Other things also come into play like: size of screen, type of use, etc.

Ok if you are getting an Android/Google phone which has features like talking (GPS, text, search, email), 100,000 apps to choose from, music player to download all your iTunes music, Facebook and Twitter integration, ability to see video on your phone (not just from YouTube but on sites as well), able to view all sites with Flash like and a platform closest to the iPhone, I would recommend getting:

With a keyboard (there are only 2 Android phones on TMobile)
Get the G2 – Longer battery life than the myTouch 3G slide. It has a 5MP camera. Latest Android software (called Froyo or Android 2.2) - you don’t want to be pissed about missing out on what everyone is talking about. It is also a 4G (HSPA+) phone but no video chat. It is a little heavier than the myTouch 3G slide but it is faster. Now my wife came from a Blackberry and she used the keyboard a lot when she first started in March but now she never uses it. The keyboard does give you some features that the regular virtual keyboard doesn’t. This is an HTC phone which has many additional features. This phone seems to be very popular in NY.

Without a keyboard (there are like 22 phones on TMobile)
Get the myTouch 4G – Video chat. Latest Android software (called Froyo or Android 2.2). 5 MP camera. It has 10 hours of talk time. This is an International device and has WiFi and Mobile calling. This is an HTC phone which has many additional features. This phone is lighter than the G2 at 5.4oz.

Things to consider:
4G – TMobile’s 4G isn’t really 4G but it’s good. Because it is not everywhere it may drain your battery because it flips from 4G to 3G looking for service. You may also pay higher rates on TMobile for their 4G service, so be sure to check.
Battery life – These phones have a lower battery life then Blackberry. I don’t recommend getting everything pushed to your phone that means turning off automatic Facebook, email and everything else. When I need it I turn it on. It saves your battery life. (iPhone has the same problem)
Things different from your Blackberry Curve 8520 –These phones are heavier than your Blackberry. These phones have 3G and 4G so things will be quicker. These are about the same thickness. Have longer standby and talk time. Have GPS. You can see websites the way they look on the net. The phone is slightly longer than the Blackberry.

Overall you will love your Android phone. If you have a problem or miss a feature, literally there is an app or modification for that. If you are on AT&T click here.


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