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I'm in Miami Trick (Top 5 Miami Viral Videos)


Yes walking around South Beach we have all seen the "I'm in Miami *****" shirts which substitute the word Trick for another five letter word that will never get past the censors. But did you know that LMAFO's music video for their hit song is the highest rated Miami-related video on Youtube.

Here's the Top 5:

1. LMAFO's I'm in Miami Trick

(They won't let me embed it, darn tricks)

2.  Will Smith's Miami

(Of course the original song that plays everyday at noon on Lincoln Road)

3.  South Beach Miami

(This great little video is a nice tour of what it means to live on the beach of the magic city...Cruise Ships, Ocean Drive, big booty hoes, you name it, its shown here)

4. Miami Ink

(This "successful" TV show proved that people will literally watch anything if its on television. Um there are at least a couple hundred tattoo parlors in every big city across the country, yet you never see anyone just dropping by and checking out the scene. We look down on people with tattoos, but we enjoy watching them happen?)

5.  Miami Vice Theme Song

(No mention of Miami would be complete without the iconic television show turned movie's theme music. Oh yes, the magic city it is indeed)